with a pinch of salt

I see you,

I see you stumbling through each day, wondering how you’ll get through the next, feeling like you have nothing left to give whilst beating yourself up for not giving more. 

I see you always showing up, doing your best to keep it together, trying to be better whilst feeling you’re never good enough. 

And I’m here you tell you that you’re not alone, you’re doing a great job and you will be ok.


Hi, I’m Claire Warren a.k.a @mykindamum

My mission is to help frazzled mums feel seen and laugh through the tough times, reducing the frustration and loneliness of motherhood. I do this by sharing relatable, brutally honest parenting content, with a healthy side-order of sarcasm.

I hope you stick around and join the community,
because the less alone you feel, the easier the challenges of motherhood become.

A blond woman smiling full of joy at you, her baby beneath her.

Claire Warren

I’m a UK mum of two to a smart, sassy “fournado” – Lula Blue – and a loopy, hilarious toddler – Raffi Bear.

Running around after the two of them alongside running a full time business certainly keeps me on my toes! 

The fast-paced career in broadcast journalism and marketing I had pre-kids did nothing to prepare me for the challenges of parenthood.

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