A big welcome to the My Kinda Mum blog! I’d like to share a little bit about how and why the blog was born…

​When I became a mum at the age of 35, I found it incredibly difficult to adjust to the change of pace. Starting late with motherhood meant I had a lot of “pre-kids experience”, including a very busy 15 year career. From broadcast journalism to sales and marketing, it was always fast-paced and high-pressure.

When I finally became a mum, overnight I moved from 100mph to 5mph…with speed bumps! Everything took forever. Nothing got done, except feeding and caring for my baby.

I was used to focusing on my own ambitions, spending each day trying to achieve more and climb higher. Now I had to focus almost entirely on this small person, spending each day tending almost exclusively to her needs.

There was no time or headspace for me any more. I felt like I’d lost my identity. I loved my baby to bits, but I couldn’t get past the frustration that my own life had come to a grinding halt.

This left me racked with guilt, as I assumed the change in focus was supposed to come naturally to new mums, like you weren’t supposed to care about your own life any more.

Your baby is your life now, right?

With no support locally, I began to feel resentful of others who had family nearby to help them.

I even lashed out at close friends, believing that they took the support they had for granted.

I was angry, frustrated, envious and anxious. Something had to change! So I decided to try and reframe my perspective.

​Instead of focusing on what I had given up, I tried to find ways to appreciate everything I had gained. Instead of feeling anxious and losing my sh*t when things got stressful, I practised methods for remaining calm. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “mum chores” I had, I looked for clever ways to become more efficient, to free up more time for myself.​

And now I want to help others to do the same!​

The aim of this blog is to help lighten the load for mums like us, so we can drop the mum guilt and enjoy our family whilst maintaining a sense of identity as a woman; not just a snack provider / bum wiper!​

I hope you stick around and find something useful or relatable, and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email or through Instagram if you want to get in touch.